Provider Toolkit

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For providers of behavioral health services

For providers of developmental disabilities services


All Providers

DBHDD Provider Applications
Applications for new and existing providers

Definition of Service - Agency
For agencies

Definition of Service - Individual
For individuals and families

Establishing and Maintaining Separation Between Multiple Programs and Facilities
Last updated: June 2008

Provider Manuals

Questions and Answers from Community Service Standards and Guidelines Training
March 19, 2014

Reporting and Investigating Deaths and Critical Incidents in Community Services
Standardized process for reporting and investigating deaths and critical incidents that involve inpiduals being served in all types of community services

Self Help Tool and Instructions
Determine whether you are prepared to continue with the application process to be a provider

Sexual Offender Registration Review Board
Protecting Georgia's children and communities at large by identifying convicted sexual offenders that present the greatest risk of sexually re-offending

OPCSI General Survey Instrument
Last updated: April 2017

OPCSI General Survey Instrument Targeted Review (Over 250)

"You Have Rights" Poster
Last updated: December 2012

"Usted Tiene Derechos" Afiche (en español)
Last updated: December 2012


Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral Health Provider Forum: DBHDD Strategic Initiative Update and Georgia Collaborative ASO Overview
June 24, 2015

Application to become a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

Application to become an Emergency Receiving, Evaluation, and Treatment (ERET) Facility

Emergency Receiving(ER), Evaluation(E), Treatment(T) Facilities By County

Case Management Toolkit
Last Updated: June 2013

DUI Program
Guidance for clinical evaluators and substance abuse treatment providers who seek to provide services to DUI offenders

Important Considerations Decision Tree: Guidelines for Supporting Adults with Challenging Behaviors in Community Settings
Last updated: July 2005

Survey Instruments


Developmental Disabilities Providers

IDD Residential Beds - User Training

IDD Residential Beds - System Viewer

IDD Residential Beds - Provider Agency Administrator

Critical Incident Reporting Training for DD Providers

Understanding the STAR Process

When to Submit a STAR - Companion Guide

January 2018

Community Living Support Webinar - 9/27/2017

Behavior Analysis Peer Review Committee

Behavior Consultants for DD
Last Updated: May 2014

Behavioral Professionals…What to expect
Last Updated: October 2012

COMP Ready Reference Provider Guide
Comprehensive Supports Waiver

Constructing a Good Life Through Understanding the NOW and COMP Waivers
A Ready Reference for Families and Individuals with Disabilities

Crisis Intervention Curriculum Comparisons
Nationally Certified Crisis Training Providers

Enhanced Supports (ARS and ES) Flow Chart

Enhanced Supports Services Request Template v2

Enhanced Supports Services Budget v2

Guide to Self-Directing Services for Inpiduals with Developmental Disabilities and their Families and Allies
Last updated: 2009

Guidelines for Supporting Adults with Challenging Behaviors in Community Settings
Last updated: April 2005

NOW Ready Reference Provider Guide
New Options Waiver

Survey Instruments

Revised Directives on ISP Development, December 1, 2017

Waiver Application
New Options Waiver Application & Comprehensive Supports Waiver Application

Waiver Service Provider Rates Study
November 17, 2011

Waiver Services Fact Sheets
20 PDFs

Participant Direction Handbook

Exceptional Rate Conversion – COMP Waiver Program

Overview of SC-ISC Changes for DD Providers