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All Providers

    DBHDD Regional Map with Service Areas and State Hospitals  (revised 7/1/21)

    The Georgia Collaborative ASO Deliverables

    PPE Use for Providers

    DBHDD Provider Applications
    Applications for new and existing providers

    Provider Manuals

    Reporting and Investigating Deaths and Critical Incidents in Community Services
    A standardized process for reporting and investigating deaths and critical incidents that involve individuals being served in all types of community services

    Sexual Offender Registration Review Board
    Protecting Georgia's children and communities at large by identifying convicted sexual offenders that present the greatest risk of sexually re-offending

    Office of Incident Management and Compliance General Survey Instrument – For questions regarding survey tools conducted by DBHDD Office of Incident Management and Compliance, please contact [email protected]

    "You Have Rights" Poster
    Last updated: December 2012

    "Usted Tiene Derechos" Afiche (en español)
    Last updated: December 2012

    Behavioral Health Providers

    Application to become a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

    Application to become an Emergency Receiving, Evaluation, and Treatment (ERET) Facility

    Emergency Receiving(ER), Evaluation(E), Treatment(T) Facilities By County

    Case Management Toolkit
    Last Updated: June 2013

    Community Service Board CEOs & DBHDD Field Contacts by Category  (as of 8/29/2023)

    DUI Program
    Guidance for clinical evaluators and substance abuse treatment providers who seek to provide services to DUI offenders

    Survey Instruments

    ACT Toolkit

    Developmental Disabilities Providers

    All COVID-related Guidance/memos/presentations are located on the COVID-19 Info page.

    Statewide Provider Meeting Slides

    DBHDD Provider Training on Provider Connect / IDD Connects - November 16, 2021
    Webinar / Presentation 

    Tiers Rate & Additional Staffing Services Webinar - December 10, 2021
    Webinar / Presentation 

    DD Provider FAQs

    IDD Residential Beds - User Training

    IDD Residential Bed Board System FAQ

    IDD Services Survey Instrument

    Community Living Support Webinar - 9/27/2017

    Community Living Support Services Updates Meeting – Friday, Dec. 10, 2021

    Constructing a Good Life Through Understanding the NOW and COMP Waivers
    A Ready Reference for Families and Individuals with Disabilities

    Enhanced Supports (ARS and ES) Flow Chart

    Enhanced Supports Services Request Template  (updated 12/20/2021)

    Enhanced Supports Services Budget Template

    ADL Template

    Guidelines for Supporting Adults with Challenging Behaviors in Community Settings
    Last updated: April 2005

    How Do I Apply for DD Services?

    Waiver Service Provider Rates Study
    November 17, 2011

    Participant Direction Handbook

    Overview of SC-ISC Changes for DD Providers

    In-Home Services | Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

    Out-of-Home Services | Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

    Statewide Transition Plan - Ensuring Compliance (August 2023) - video 

    Waiver In-Home Services

    Waiver Out-of-Home Services

    Behavior Support Plan Review 6.15.2022 webinar 

    Behavioral Professionals…What to expect
    Last Updated: October 2012