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DBHDD’s Behavioral Health Services

The Division of Behavioral Health manages programs and services delivered by DBHDD’s community-based behavioral health providers, which are divided into three tiers:

TIER 1: Comprehensive Community Providers are DBHDD’s community service boards, which serve as the public safety net and offer a core benefit package, as well as additional specialty services.

TIER 2: Community Medicaid Providers ensure choice for individuals receiving Medicaid and offer a core benefit package.

TIER 3: Specialty Providers offer an array of specialty treatment and support needed in the continuum of care.

The division’s goal is to build a recovery-oriented, community-based system of care, with the capacity to provide timely access to high-quality behavioral health treatment and support services. Recovery accepts that severe and persistent mental illness, substance use, and co-occurring disorders are long-term conditions that a person will be managing for life. This model signifies a shift from crisis-driven services to a prevention-focused continuum of care that provides sustained support, and is based on the strengths, wellness, and goals of the person in recovery.

The division also supports policy development, service planning, program development, budget development, workforce development (training), and external collaboration with stakeholders across the system of care.

For help accessing DBHDD services in your area, contact your regional field office.

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