Applications for New & Existing Providers

Welcome to the Provider Application page for DBHDD. Our department is committed to quality services and supports for persons with mental health issues, developmental disabilities, and/or addictive substance issues. Qualified and credentialed providers are essential partners in accomplishing our goal of delivering quality services. Below you will find the listing of information specifically related to being a provider in our system, which includes disability-specific applications to become a provider for DBHDD, and disability-specific instructions for completing the application. Within the instructions/user guides, you will find critical information about how to complete the application as well as links to other information that will convey our expectations of providers.

Thank you for your interest in our shared goal of supporting individuals with mental health issues, addiction issues, and/or mental retardation/developmental disabilities.

How Do I Become A Provider?

Behavioral Health Services

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Host Home Provider Information

A host home is a private residence in a residential area in which the occupant owner or lessee provides Community Residential Alternative (CRA) services to one (1) or two (2) persons with developmental disabilities who are not related to the occupant owner or lessee by blood or marriage. 

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) approves and enters into agreements with community agency providers, which in turn, contract with host home providers.  Those interested in becoming a host home provider should contact an approved DBHDD provider of CRA services. 

To locate DBHDD-approved CRA providers in your area, you can utilize the Provider Search websiteOn this site enter your address in the place indicated, then click on the Find symbol (magnifying glass).

On the left side of the next page, under Programs, select Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services.  A list of providers will be shown.  The next step is to call the providers displayed to determine if they are an approved CRA provider accepting host home applicants.

Once you have selected a provider, that provider will direct you as to what is required for the host home application process.  These agencies must follow the DBHDD policy Process for Enrolling, Matching, and Monitoring Host Home/Life-Sharing Sites for DBHDD Developmental Disability Community Service Providers, 02-704.  It is recommended that you review this policy and the attachments located at the end of the policy for specific host home requirements.

Important note:  The provider number that will be assigned to your host home, belongs to the Community Residential Alternative Provider Agency, not you as the host home provider.  In addition, even though being a host home provider will give you experience, it does not meet the requirements regarding becoming your own agency provider in the future.