Improving Health Outcomes Initiative Collaborative Learning Center

Welcome to the DBHDD Improving Health Outcomes Initiative Collaborative Learning Center

The Improving Health Outcomes Initiative is dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and personal outcomes of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who care for and provide services and supports to them.

A part of the Improving Health Outcomes Initiative includes this Collaborative Learning Center where information about critical health issues that affect people we serve can be shared.  This site is intended to grow as our collective learning grows.

Health Care Plan Templates have been developed and links to seventeen condition-specific and one generic plan templates are provided below. Providers are not required to use these templates, however, these templates include the required component categories identified in Policies and Procedures for Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP Manual Chapter 2900) and Policies and Procedures for New Options Waiver (NOW Manual Chapter 3300).

Health Care Plans can now also be generated through the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST).

Health Care Plan Templates

Allergies and Sensitivities Healthcare Plan
Asthma Healthcare Plan
Bowel Obstruction Healthcare Plan
Choking and Aspiration Healthcare Plan
Dehydration Healthcare Plan
Diabetes Healthcare Plan
Diarrhea Healthcare Plan
Falls Healthcare Plan
Generic Healthcare Plan
GERD Healthcare Plan
Hypertension/Hypotension Healthcare Plan
Impaired Physical Mobility Healthcare Plan
Infection and Sepsis Healthcare Plan
Med Non-Compliance Healthcare Plan
Routine and Preventative Services Healthcare Plan
Seizure Healthcare Plan
Skin Integrity Healthcare Plan
UTI Healthcare Plan

A series of “What You Need to Know” fact sheets follow. These fact sheets provide life-saving information for direct support professionals, support coordinators, and their supervisors, but the information can be helpful to anyone.  These fact sheets include issues which, if not recognized and acted on, can pose serious health risks – even death – for anyone.  Click on the following links, and share this information with everyone you know. 

Fact Sheets

COVID-19 Toolkit