In-Home Services

The following services may be offered to eligible individuals based upon a professional determination of need and available community resources:

Behavioral Supports Services are the professional-level services that assist participants with significant, intensive and challenging behaviors that interfere with activities of daily living, social interaction, work or similar situations.

Community Living Support services are individually-tailored supports that assist with the acquisition, retention or improvement of skills related to participants’ continued residence in their family homes.

Family Support services are provided to eligible individuals with the goal of allowing them to live at home with their families and remain engaged in their communities.

Georgia STABLE offers a tax-free savings plan for disability-related expenses that gives people with special needs more independence and financial security.

Individual-Directed Goods and Services that are not otherwise be provided through the NOW or Medicaid State Plan may be identified by individuals, support coordinators and interdisciplinary teams, and include services, equipment and supplies.

Mobile Crisis Services dispatch Mobile Crisis Teams (MCTs) to crisis locations for individuals with developmental disabilities. MCT members are responsible for completing comprehensive assessments of each crisis situation and mitigating risks to health and safety of individuals in crisis and/or others. MCTs also make referrals to intensive crisis services or hospital emergency rooms if necessary.

Natural Support Training exists for individuals who provide unpaid support, training, companionship or supervision to participants.

Nursing services are available for individuals with medical needs.

Participant Direction (or Self-Direction) offers participants (and/or their representatives) the ability to determine which employees or vendors will be hired to deliver their services and provide supplies and additional supports.

For help accessing intellectual and developmental disability services in your area, please contact your regional field office.