The DBHDD Office of Constituent Services serves as a point of contact for the people we serve and their families, advocates, legislators, and the general public. We are here to answer questions, address complaints, and help you access DBHDD services. Our goal is to be accessible and responsive to your needs and identify areas that need improvement.

To file a complaint, compliment, or make a request, recommendation or inquiry you can use one of the following options:

  • Submit an online form

    You can fill out the Online Constituent Services Intake Form to contact Constituent Services online.

  • Print and Mail or Fax

    You can download and print the  Constituent Services Form  and then mail or fax it to Constituent Services.

    200 Piedmont Ave
    West Tower, 14th Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30334

    Fax: 404-408-5439

  • Call

    You can call DBHDD's Constituent Services if you would like to contact them over the phone: 404.657.5964

  • Constituent Services for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    If you are deaf or hard of hearing, and need help accessing DBHDD services, or need to have complaints addressed, please complete the Constituent Services Intake Form or call the following video phone number.


    General Video Phone Number

    (404) 991-2308