Connect to DBHDD Applications

If you are a current DBHDD Provider, you can register for and access the DBHDD Applications available to you at the DBHDD Applications website. This site contains the online provider applications that DBHDD hosts. 

(If you are looking to apply to become a care provider in DBHDD’s care network, you can find that information here.) 

The following applications are available:

  • CHRIS – The Criminal History Record Information System provides access to Eligibility Letters.
  • Image - the Incident Management Reporting tool. Image allows users to enter, track, modify and complete all incident reports.
  • Vendor Connect - A web-based portal that will serve as the central point for vendors to submit required documents for invoicing Accounts Payable (AP) contracts. This portal will be a resource for Accounts Payable (AP) contract invoices and provide a centralized platform for AP invoice submission.

Use the DBHDD Applications site to access the applications listed below.

Applications List



Contact Information


Criminal History Record Eligibility Letters Question or feedback:  [email protected]


Incident Management Reporting 

Questions or feedback: [email protected]

Vendor Connect (VC)

Invoice Processing Portal

General VC inquiries: [email protected]