Video Toolkits

DBHDD Division of Behavioral Health is pleased to provide the following Educational and Resource Toolkits for Child & Adolescent services. These training toolkits are sponsored and funded by DBHDD as part of the Department’s support of System of Care in Georgia. 

The toolkits are designed for a target audience with varying levels of responsibility, including Tiers 1, 2, and 3 (clinicians and supervisors; case management; and support staff, respectively). Note that some information in the training sessions might be basic, or review, for Tier 1 staff; however, the resources listed in the toolkits would provide Tier 1 staff with further information to increase their knowledge base.

The toolkits are designed to be used in several instructional formats:

  • Self-directed learning by watching the videos and using the resources
  • Training that is facilitated by a trainer, but uses the videos for content presentation
  • Training provided by a trainer who presents the content using the power point shows and handouts
  • Training other trainers who may facilitate or present the content

These educational and resource materials are learning tools that may be shared with staff to ensure that they have an understanding of the concepts of strength-based, family-directed, evidenced-based services. Greater understanding of these training topics can only increase staff effectiveness and enhance the services provided to the children and adolescents of Georgia.

Questions about these training materials may be forwarded to [email protected].