Resources for Law Enforcement

In the event of an overdose reversal using Naloxone, please use the First Responder Naloxone Usage Tracker

In an emergency, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) at 1-800-715-4225.
    GCAL will direct you to a crisis center that has space available. Please follow their instructions. GCAL can also assist in connecting the caller to their choice of local routine service providers. Language assistance is provided to callers with limited English proficiency, as well as people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  2. If you need directions, locate emergency crisis centers on this map. Only the Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU) and Behavioral Health Crisis Centers (BHCC) are emergency drop-off centers.

For assistance with a local issue:

  1. Contact the community service board that serves your area.
  2. If further assistance is necessary, contact your nearest regional field office.

For concerns related to an inmate who is under court order:

For a forensic evaluation, please e-mail 

For a court order for admission to the state hospital for competency restoration, please e-mail

For completion of Brief Jail Mental Health Screen:

This screening should be used to help identify those who may have serious mental illness and should be referred for further mental health evaluation and jail in-reach program. It should be administered by Correctional Officers during the jail’s intake/booking process for jail in-reach pilot programs. Go to to complete the Brief Jail Mental Health Screen.

For completion of Co-Responder Programmatic Report:

This report should be completed by DBHDD State Funded programs to assist in evaluating and understanding the effects of co-responder programs in Georgia.  Each provider is responsible for inputting the data in a timely and accurate basis by the 10th calendar day of each month for the previous month. Please review all information for accuracy before submission of each entry. Go to CO-RESPONDER REPORT GEORGIA DBHDD  to complete the programmatic report. Please see the Download this pdf file. job aid  for assistance in completing this report. You may also contact [email protected] for additional assistance.

Process Maps and Policies

Download this pdf file. Emergency Admission Process Map
Download this pdf file. Emergency Receiving(ER), Evaluation(E), Treatment(T) Facilities By County
Download this pdf file. Probate Court Ordered Evaluation Process Map
Form 1013 and Form 2013 – Certificate Authorizing Transport to Emergency Receiving Facility and Report of Transportation 
(DBHDD Policy 01-110)