Forensic Services

The Office of Forensic Services provides forensic evaluation and treatment for individuals who are under the jurisdiction of the superior and state courts of Georgia. Forensic services complete competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility (insanity) evaluations in response to orders from Georgia superior and state courts. DBHDD also provides inpatient treatment for individuals adjudicated incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity who meet the criteria for inpatient treatment by a superior or state court. Finally, DBHDD provides outpatient competency restoration services and monitoring of insanity acquittees on conditional release.

We respectfully request that all superior and state court orders related to DBHDD forensic services (evaluations, competency restoration, treatment, commitment, conditional releases, passes, etc.) be sent to either of the following:

Fax: (770) 359-5238


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Joyner, forensic services operations analyst at (404) 463-2743 or Joseph Foote, forensic services executive secretary at (404) 463-0982.