Participant-Direction is commonly referred to as “Self-Direction”. The Comprehensive Supports Waiver (COMP) and the New Options Waiver (NOW) Programs promote personal choice and control over the delivery of eligible waiver services by affording opportunities for Participant-Direction to participants who live in their own private residence or the home of a family member.

The Participant (and/or their Representative) chooses to self-direct his/her waiver services. Participant Direction is a way to “take charge” of how waiver services are provided by determining employees to hire or vendors to provide supplies, goods, and other items.

A few of the key elements to self-direct your waiver services and supports are as follows:

  • Must have a NOW or COMP Waiver;
  • Live in own home or family home;
  • Choose a Financial Support Services Provider;
  • Work with Support Coordinator to ensure choice to self-direct is indicated in ISP and budget.

How To Get Started

  1. Review COMP and NOW Waiver Part II (Chapters 600 - 1200).
  2. Contact assigned Support Coordinator (SC) to discuss choice to self-direct services. Eligibility criteria listed in the Manual must be met prior to being allowed to choose Participant Direction option.
  3. Attend one day of Mandatory Participant Direction Training and sign the Memo of Understanding (MOU).
  4. Choose a Financial Support Services Provider (Fiscal Agent) to manage your waiver funds. Contact the Fiscal Agent of your choice and ask for their enrollment packet. Complete all of the required forms and send them back to the Fiscal Agent for processing.
  5. Have a Support Coordinator submit Individualized Service Plan (ISP) or addendum with self-direction as a selection.

Participant-Direction Brochure


What is Participant-Direction? (Chapter 1200)

Participant Direction Handbook (A helpful guide to directing services, including forms you may use at your discretion)

Glossary of Acronyms (see policy attachment)

Facts for Families and Individuals Using the Self-directed Model

Department  of Labor Overtime Rules

COMP Renewal Q&A Webinar for Participant Direction

Facts for Families and Individuals using the Self-Directed Model

Find Manuals on the MMIS Website (Once on the website: 1. hover over "Provider Information Tab" 2. select "Provider Manuals"  3. Choose Waiver Manual that applies.)


Fiscal Agents

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PCG Public Partnership

Continuum Fiscal Services


Support Coordination Agencies

Columbus Community Services

Creative Consulting Services

Georgia Support Services

Professional Case Management (PCSA)

Benchmark Human Services

Compass Coordination


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