Participant-Direction is commonly referred to as “Self-Direction”. The Comprehensive Supports Waiver (COMP) and the New Options Waiver (NOW) Programs promote personal choice and control over the delivery of waiver services by affording opportunities for Participant-Direction to participants who live in their own private residence or the home of a family member.

The Participant (and/or their Representative) chooses to self-direct his/her waiver services. You take charge of your waiver services and who delivers these services by deciding who works for you as your employees; what vendors you will use for supplies, goods and other services; and how much of each service you need within the waiver allowance.

In order to self-direct your waiver services and supports, you must have a NOW or COMP Waiver; live in your own home or in the home of a family member; choose a Financial Support Services Provider to manage your waiver funds; and work with your Support Coordinator to make sure that your choice to self-direct is indicated in your ISP and your budget.

The Participant or his or her Representative (Participant/Representative) is assisted by the Support Coordinator in choosing allowable participant-directed services that meet their needs, and in planning their annual budget to fully fund these services.

How To Get Started

  1. Contact your Support Coordinator and let them know that you want to self-direct your waiver services.
  2. Choose a Financial Support Services Provider (Fiscal Agent) to manage your waiver funds. (Please see the list of available Fiscal Agents in the PD Brochure to help you with your selection).
  3. Contact the Fiscal Agent of your choice and ask for their enrollment packet. Complete all of the required forms and send them back to the Fiscal Agent for processing.
  4. Follow-up and continue working with your Support Coordinator to make sure that your Individual Service Plan (ISP) and you Individual Budget have been changed (amended) and processed to show your choice to self-direct your waiver services.

Participant-Direction Brochure

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