Support Coordination

Support Coordination Services identify, coordinate, and oversee the delivery of services and supports to enhance the health, safety, and general well-being of NOW and COMP waiver participants within the context of the person's goals toward maximum independence. The DBHDD Division of Developmental Disabilities contracts with provider agencies across the state to deliver Support Coordination services. Additionally, individuals who receive state funds for HCBS services receive a similar service, referred to as State Service Coordination, managed by DBHDD.

The State of Georgia serves more than 12,000 participants through the NOW and COMP Waivers. Each of these participants continues to receive Support Coordination services as long as they remain a waiver recipient. In the State of Georgia, Support Coordinators have caseloads of 40 or fewer waiver participants. Support Coordinators visit their waiver participants either quarterly or monthly, at minimum, based on considerations set forth in Support Coordination Contact Frequency Requirements, 02-433. Support Coordinators provide additional contacts, as needed, based on the identified needs of the participant.

The primary responsibilities of Support Coordinators are:

  1. Facilitating the Service Planning Process and Individual Service Plan Development
  2. Coordinating Waiver Services
  3. Coordinating Non-Waiver Services, Community Engagement and Resource Development
  4. Evaluating the Quality and Outcome of Services and Identifying Unmet Needs
  5. Assessment and Evaluation Related Tasks

Download this pdf file. Support Coordination and Intensitive Support Coordination Providers by Region

For help accessing support coordination services in your area, please contact your regional field office.