Supported Employment

DBHDD provides Supported Employment services to assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in locating and maintaining meaningful employment in their communities. Supports are designed to capture the individual’s strengths, needs, and interests.  With Supported Employment services, it is likely that people with a most significant disability will have the chance to engage in Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) - having real jobs and the chance to build financial security. 

The planned outcomes of Supported Employment services are to increase the hours worked by each individual toward the goal of full-time employment (i.e., the goal of forty (40) hours per week) and to increase the wages of each individual toward the goal of increased financial independence.

Supported Employment services are distinct from and do not occur at the same time of day as other services.

More About Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE)

Georgia’s General Assembly declares that Competative Intergrated Employment is the first and preferred option in services for all working age citizens with disabilities – Georgia’s Employment First Act, House Bill 831 (2018).

Competitive Integrated Employment is full-time or part-time work in an individual job, in the general labor market, including self-employment.  The workplace is in the community and is not owned or managed by the provider of support services.  The pay is minimum wage or higher, and the person with a disability works and interacts with persons who do not have a disability. 

For help accessing Supported Employment services in your area, please contact your regional field office.

Supported Employment Success Stories

  • Ryan Carroll works as a Stocking Technician in the Laboratory at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. His duties include: picking up specimens from outlying clinics and delivering them to the Lab, decreasing patient wait times and increasing satisfaction rates amongst families. His contributions have made such an impact that the Departments he services held a “Ryan Carroll Appreciation Day” to recognize him for his work.
  • Since 2012, Shameka has enjoyed economic independence and increased community integration thanks to her job as an Endoscopy Technician in Savannah. Her supervisors and coworkers say she is a great asset to their team.
  • Melissa Barber waited 7 years after high school until she got the support that helped her go to work. She is young, cool, and outgoing. Harley-Davidson in Tifton, GA was the perfect employment match for her.
  • Charlie is a farm hand at an organic working farm, J and L Farm and Stables in Hephzibah, Georgia. Charlie is responsible for the animals; feeding, gathering eggs, watering, and taking them in and out of pasture as needed. He also does gardening, and drives the farm equipment to mow, clear limbs, and clean out flowerbeds to prepare the farm for the spring. Charlie stays busy and likes to keep working.