Behavioral Health Prevention

Behavioral Health is a state of mental/emotional being and/or choices and actions that affect wellness.

Prevention involves interventions that occur prior to the onset of a disorder and are intended to prevent or reduce risk for the disorder. It is a proactive process that enables individuals to create and reinforce conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

The Office of Behavioral Health Prevention (OBHP) is the state agency charged with providing prevention leadership, strategic planning and services to improve the mental/emotional well-being of communities, families and individuals in Georgia.

The OBHP develops and contracts for prevention services across the state specifically designed to reduce the risks and increase protective factors linked to substance abuse related problem behaviors, suicide, and mental health promotion.

OBHP is working to create a mission and vision that will incorporate suicide prevention and mental health promotion into existing substance abuse prevention efforts that will showcase alignment and the connectivity between each. OBHP includes:

Substance Abuse Prevention
Suicide Prevention
Mental Health Promotion

OBHP tackles three behavioral health issues research has shown to be inter-related.