Georgia Recovery Project

If you are a Georgia healthcare provider, medical worker, first responder, educator or you simply want to talk to someone about feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, or depression related to your work, the Emotional Support Line is staffed by specially-trained volunteers who can help.

Georgia COVID-19 Emotional Support Line call or text 866-399-8938
  • The Emotional Support Line provides free and confidential support, helping callers experiencing increased anxiety due to the coronavirus emergency.
  • The Emotional Support Line is staffed by volunteer mental health professionals.
  • Emotional Support Line volunteers provide short term, non-professional emotional support to the caller.
  • This service does not provide clinical, medical, or therapeutic service.
  • This phone number provides immediate and live emotional support system for front-line health care workers in Georgia impacted by COVID-19.

Please note that the Emotional Support Line should not substitute for the Georgia Crisis & Access Line. If you are in need of immediate crisis help, please contact the Georgia Crisis & Access Line at 1-800-715-4225.

The Georgia Recovery Project is a collaboration among the Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).