Adolescent Services

Residential Treatment Programs
DBHDD funds two Adolescent Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) Programs. The IRTs provide 24-hour supervised residential treatment for adolescents ages 13-17 who need a structured residence due to substance abuse issues. The programs are in the metropolitan and southern regions of the state to provide statewide access. Treatment services are within the level of care as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM Level 3.5) which is the Clinically Managed Medium-Intensity Residential Services.

Adolescent Clubhouse
The Recovery Support Clubhouse is designed to provide support to youth as they strive to improve their life and wellness while decreasing or abstaining from alcohol and/or substance use.  Members and staff work together to perform tasks at the clubhouse.  The youth participate in life skills groups, social outings, educational supports, career development/exploration, and other activities that teach them how to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.  Youth are connected to resources that will empower them to make informed decisions about their recovery. The outcome objectives of the program are to: decrease substance use, decrease DJJ involvement, decrease behavioral problems, increase positive social function, increase school attendance and performance, and improve family involvement and relationships.

For help accessing substance abuse services, contact your regional field office.