DBHDD’s waiver programs promote personal choice and control by providing the opportunity to self-direct certain eligible waiver services to participants who live in their own private residence or the home of a family member. Participant Direction (or Self-Direction) offers participants (and/or their representatives) the ability to determine which employees or vendors will be hired to deliver their services and provide supplies and additional supports.

Determining an Individual’s Eligibility
In order for individuals to self-direct waiver services and supports, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must have a NOW or COMP Waiver
  • Must live in their own home or family home
  • Must choose a Financial Support Services Provider
  • Must work with a Support Coordinator to ensure choice to self-direct is indicated in ISP and budget

How To Get Started

  1. Review COMP and NOW Chapter 600 - 1200
  2. Contact your assigned Download this pdf file. Support Coordinator (SC) to discuss your choice to self-direct services. Download this pdf file. Eligibility criteria listed in the Manual must be met prior to being allowed to choose the Participant-Direction option.
  3. Attend one day of Mandatory Participant Direction Training and sign the Download this pdf file. Memo of Understanding (MOU).
  4. Choose a Download this pdf file. Financial Support Services Provider (Fiscal Agent) to manage your waiver funds. Contact the Fiscal Agent of your choice and ask for their enrollment packet. Complete all of the required forms and send them back to the Fiscal Agent for processing.
  5. Have your Support Coordinator submit an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) or addendum with self-direction as a selection.

Services Eligible for Participant Direction

  1. Community Access Individual
  2. Community Access Group
  3. Community Living Support
  4. Community living Support – Shared
  5. Community Living Support – Extended
  6. Community Living Support – Personal Assistance Retainer
  7. Respite – Hourly
  8. Respite – Daily
  9. Transportation
  10. Environmental Accessibility Adaptation
  11. Community Guide
  12. Individual Directed Goods and Services
  13. Natural Support Training
  14. Adult Dental
  15. Adult Physical Therapy
  16. Adult Occupational Therapy
  17. Adult Speech-Language Therapy
  18. Vehicle Adaptation
  19. Behavioral Supports Consultation
  20. Behavioral Supports Services
  21. Supported Employment
  22. Specialized Medical Supplies
  23. Specialized Medical Equipment

Additional Resources


Participant Direction Quarterly Meeting Recordings

Fiscal Agents

For help accessing participant direction services in your area, please contact your regional field office.