Mental Health Promotion

Mental health promotion involves actions to create living conditions and environments that support mental health and allow people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. DBHDD’s Office of Behavioral Health Prevention incorporates mental health promotion throughout all of its substance abuse prevention and suicide prevention efforts; and provides mental health promotion cross-training to staff and providers. Cross-training focuses on healthy outcomes, such as competence and well-being.

2x2 Series: Daily Self-Care Tips and Support for Health Care and Emergency Response Workers
These Webex events are designed to provide daily self-care tips and support for health care and emergency response workers. Each session will provide attendees with mental health tips about managing stress, grief, work/life balance, and wellness.

Media Campaign – “Spot the Signs, Talk About It, Get Help”
DBHDD developed the “Spot the Signs” PSA as part of a media campaign to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and improve communications for appropriate referrals.

Download this pdf file. Mental Health Awareness Month - Gratitude Calendar

A Few Ways to Promote Mental Health:

  • Support for children (e.g., skills building programs, child and youth development programs)
  • Programs targeted toward vulnerable groups, including minorities, indigenous people, migrants, and people affected by conflicts and disasters (e.g. psycho-social interventions after disasters)
  • Mental health interventions at work
  • Mental health promotional activities in schools (e.g., programs supporting ecological changes in schools and child-friendly schools)
  • Violence prevention programs (e.g., reducing availability of alcohol and access to firearms)
  • Promotion of the rights, opportunities, and care of individuals with mental health challenges