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Suicide Prevention

Suicide, a major public health problem, is tragic and costly for Georgians. The burden of the problem of suicide in Georgia is more completely portrayed in the new report, Suicide in Georgia, 2005, as it contains data on deaths, hospitalizations and emergency room visits for self inflicted injury and associated costs.

From the Suicide in Georgia, 2005 report:

  • In 2002, 900 persons died, 2800 were hospitalized and 5400 visited hospital emergency departments because of intentionally self-inflicted injuries.
  • These injuries resulted in approximately $40 million in hospitalization and emergency room charges.
  • Suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death for all Georgians and the third most common cause of death among youth 15-24 years old and young adults 25-34 years old.
  • Firearms were the most common method of suicide for both men and women, and young and old.

For further information contact:

Sally vander Straeten, ACSW
Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
2 Peachtree Street NE, 23-486
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel: 404.657.1686