The Story Behind the Change

The decision to refresh our brand wasn’t made lightly.  In fact, it came unexpectedly as part of a careful revamp of our new staff orientation experience.  Since our creation in 2009, DBHDD has welcomed new employees through a standard orientation curriculum.  In order to help engage and retain a workforce that embraces our vision, mission, and values, we recognized the need to provide each new employee with a better experience beginning with their first day.  We wanted orientation to feel fresh, new, connected, and current, while offering a professional, personal, and consistent experience.

We soon realized that our goals for orientation had a much broader application to the brand and identity of our agency.  Looking at the existing brand identity, we saw a disconnect between its style and that of the crisp, thoughtful, modern look and feel of the new orientation process we were developing.  From there, a refreshed iteration of the DBHDD brand was born.

The New Brand Elements

Updated icon: Crisp lines and bold color give the logo a more contemporary style and make the icon’s shapes more clear.

Updated colors: A radiant gold beacon shines on top of a serene blue background, representing hope, support, transformation, and recovery.

New typography: Bold sans serif capital letters are clean and modern. Subtle elements between the letters clearly identify the agency’s initials.

BE DBHDD: Our New Campaign

In the coming weeks and months, you will see a new messaging platform and campaign, calling you to BE DBHDD.  This campaign reflects our core values and reminds us to remain inspired and dedicated to our vision and mission.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We hope that you like our refreshed look and feel!  We will be gradually updating all of our communications materials with the refreshed brand identity.  Look out for future updates as we continue to expand our brand’s reach and enhance our communications with you and our stakeholders across Georgia.