DD Advisory Council

The role of the IDD Advisory Council is to advise DBHDD on matters relating to the care, services, and supports offered to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities served by the DBHDD.

The IDD Advisory Council is comprised of individuals receiving intellectual/developmental disability services, family members and legal representative of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities, or self-advocates; individuals representing advocacy organizations focused on intellectual/developmental disabilities, and individuals representing Georgia’s public or private providers of intellectual/developmental disability services. Every effort is made to ensure representation from all regions of the state.

The council advises DBHDD regarding:

  • assuring that the Department follows best practices in their services to people with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.
  • assuring that the Department’s programs for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.
  • recommending improvements to the Division for existing programs serving people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • recommending the development and implementation of additional programs for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Georgia.
  • reviewing the Department’s policy and making recommendations regarding the adherence to the Department’s mission, the cost of proposed policies and amendments, and the potential implications of implementation of the policies/revisions.
  • facilitating communication among Department and Division staff, providers of services, service recipients, parents/guardians/advocates of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and other public and private entities involved in delivering services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


2021 - 2022 Meetings

Meetings are held from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm on the fourth Monday of the first month of each quarter.
The quarterly meeting schedule is as follows:


Quarter 4 – Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Quarter 1 – Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Quarter 2 – Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Quarter 3 – Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Quarter 4 – Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Past Meetings Archive

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