DBHDD Commissioner announces first ever Housing Coordinator and Deaf Services Director during Mental Health Day at the Capitol

February 9, 2011

ATLANTA - Today Commissioner Frank E. Shelp greeted more than 500 participants at Mental Health Day at the Capitol by announcing several new appointments that will be instrumental in expanding community services provided by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). Shelp conveyed the department’s commitment to provide the best care for Georgians before introducing Doug Scott, Housing Coordinator; Barry Critchfield, Deaf Services Director; Pam Schuble, American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Settlement Coordinator; and Bryce Mclaulin, Assistant Commissioner of Programs. This is the first time DBHDD has ever had a Deaf Services Director or Housing Coordinator.

Shelp noted during his greeting that DBHDD could not provide mental health services to every Georgian alone, but with partners like Behavioral Health Services Coalition and others, the department could be successful in addressing the challenges of the day. “These leaders will help us move mental health recovery in the right direction,” said Shelp, DBHDD Commissioner. “I am confident in the expertise they bring to this agency, and you can expect more appointments like these to come in the future.”

DBHDD has been operational for a year and a half. As Georgia’s newest agency, the department provides services for individuals who have been diagnosed with behavioral health, mental illnesses, developmental disabilities and addictive diseases. For more information regarding the services DBHDD provides throughout the state, please visit dbhdd.georgia.gov.

Contact Information: 
Kristie N. Swink (knswink@dhr.state.ga.us)