East Central Regional Hospital honored with Community Partner Award

September 17, 2010

AUGUSTA (GA) - East Central Regional Hospital (ERCH) has been recognized for its commitment to collaboration with the 2010 Community Partner Award, given annually by the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior. The award honors those who work in partnership with MCG to provide delivery of mental health services. The alliance between MCG and the Georgia Department of Behavior Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) began in October 2009 with MCG taking charge of clinical services at ECRH and bringing to the hospital additional staff and the benefit of academic-caliber forensic and mental health services.

The affiliation provides opportunities for both partners while improving services for consumers. During the last year, MCG has recruited both psychiatrists and psychologists to work at ECRH and initiated a forensic fellowship program. MCG has also placed residents, fellows and interns for public psychiatry rotations at ECRH. Originating in the School of Medicine/Department of Psychiatry, the partnership has expanded into the School of Nursing and the School of Allied Health which has placed students at ECRH to gain experience working with the mentally ill population.

East Central Regional Hospital is one of seven state hospitals which provide services for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill. The hospital is split between two campuses in the August area.

Contact Information: 
Kristie Swink (knswink@dbhdd.ga.gov)