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On August 19, 2019, DBHDD went live with a new software data system called IDD Connects.  DBHDD is aware of and working around the clock with the IT developers to fix technical issues with the system to improve its functionality.  We are also aware of the impact this can have on families, especially those who self-direct or participant-direct their services.  As a result, of the technical issues in IDD Connects, there has been a delay in processing prior authorizations. This issue as been resolved and we are now processing prior authorizations as quickly as possible. 

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to all families that were affected and also our gratitude for your patience during this time as we worked through this transition.  DBHDD has been in contact with all three of the participant-direction fiscal intermediaries on the technical issues and the timeline for repairs.  As of this week, the prior authorizations are moving with greater ease through the approval process and to Medicaid for approval.  Individuals in services and their families are our priority, and we are confident the defects in the system have been corrected and that individualized service plans and prior authorizations can process appropriately.  If you are experiencing specific concerns as a family that self-directs, please do not hesitate DBHDD participant direction coordinators Kingsley Igunbor and Adrienne Johnson with your concerns.  They can be reached via email at and


Take a look at the Multiyear Planning Lists Strategic Plan that was presented to the 2018 General Assembly as a way to help better serve Georgia individuals with developmental disabilities.

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