Addictive Diseases Training Announcements

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The Facilitating Health of Family Violence, Anger, and Substance Abuse in Treatment Learning Series provides information and resources on a variety of topics to help support learning and successful outcomes for those working in the field of addiction. The sessions in this announcement are scheduled for February – June 2023.


Registration Questions? Please email [email protected].

NOTE: This session will utilize the Webex webinar online conferencing system.  Webex allows participants to log on to a website from their computer, view the facilitators information online, while listening to the facilitator on a simultaneous telephone conference call or through your computer speakers.  All participants must use the link below to register for the sessions. Additionally, please note that it is important that you join the sessions early to check in and ensure that you do not experience any connectivity issues. Although all attendees will be muted upon entry, the chat box will be functional, and all attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share thoughts through the interactive chat. The facilitator will allot time for Q&A at the end of the presentation

Download this pdf file. Preparing the Front Line to Respond to the Opioid Crisis - Faith-Based
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Download this pdf file. Preparing the Front Line to Respond to the Opioid Crisis - First Responders
Registration Link:

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Cultural Competency & CLAS Standards Training Webinars

For assistance with these webinars, contact Deborah Bauer, MPH, Project Coordinator for the Georgia Home for Recovery Project at (404) 876-4788 or [email protected]. These files may not open correctly in your web browser. You may have to download them to your computer before viewing.

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