Enterprise Compliance & Background Investigations FAQs

  • When do I or my employees need to be fingerprinted?

    When you have a contract with DBHDD that involves Direct Care, Treatment, Custodial Responsibilities, or any combination of services that would involve direct contact with and support services for individuals.

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  • Is there a DBHDD Policy that covers Criminal History Records checks for Contractors?

    Yes, DBHDD Policy 04-104 "Criminal History Records Checks for Contractors". This policy can be found in the DBHDD Provider Manual and on the DHBDD PolicyStat website.

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  • How do I register my agency for an OAC Number to use the Gemalto (GAPS) system?

    That information can be found at www.aps.gemalto.com/ga/index.htm . Select “Become a Requesting Agency and proceed with enrollment process.

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  • How do I contact the Criminal Records Section if I have questions about a record or the fingerprinting process?

    The best way to contact the Criminal Records Section concerning an applicant is to send an email to dbhdd-crs@dbhdd.ga.gov. If you need to speak with someone directly, please call (404) 232-1541, (404) 232-1641 or (404) 463-2507. If you need to speak with the Manager about an issue with the CHRIS system, please call (404) 232-1541. For Gemalto related issues please call Gemalto at 1-888-439-2512.

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  • What Reason Code do I select on the Gemalto system for DBHDD Contractors/Providers?

    Contractor Code is DBHDD-Contractor Providing Care/Treatment.

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  • What happens if I select the incorrect Reason Code?

    Criminal Records received with an incorrect Reason Code cannot be processed. Your agency will be notified that the applicant must be re-registered and pay again.

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  • When I select the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities as the agency making my determination, what ORI Number do I use to ensure DBHDD receives the results for review?

    The only approved DBHDD ORI for Gemalto is GA922961Z. This number is already repopulated in the “Reviewing Agency ID” field” and can’t be modified. Please input your agencies ORI Number in the “Requesting Agency ID” field so that applicants results are received and processed in a timely manner.

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  • What happens if I select the incorrect agency to make the determination?

    The Criminal Record would not be processed because DBHDD did not receive it. Also, you would then have to reregister the applicant, have them fingerprinted and pay again.

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  • How long does it take to process the Criminal Backgrounds?

    The Criminal Records Section will issue an Eligibilty Letter in seven (7) business days from the time the record is received from Gemalto.

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  • Can I get copies of the Eligibility Letter if I need it?

    You can retrieve as many copies of the letters as you need through the CHRIS system. Letters prior to June 27, 2013 cannot be retrieved, and the applicant must be reprinted. Also, the letters are not transferable from provider to provider.

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  • Does DBHDD have an appeal process for applicants determined Ineligible to provide services based on their Criminal Background?

    Yes. On August 15, 2014 DBHDD implemented an Individualized Assessment Process for those applicants determined Ineligible based on Conviction Data contained in their criminal record when reviewed against DBHDD Policy 04-104. The applicant is notified of the assessment process, what information is needed and he/she will have thirty (30) calendar days to request the Individualized Assessment. If the applicant does not respond to the notification with the information requested within the time frame provided; he/she will be deemed ineligible. For further information regarding the Individualized Assessment process please see DBHDD Policy 04-104.

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  • How do I obtain access to the Criminal History Record Information System (CHRIS) database as a provider?

    You must email a request to the Criminal Records Section at dbhdd-crs@dbhdd.ga.gov. In the subject line of the email, enter “Request to Access CHRIS as a Provider.” In your request, give us the following information:

    1. GAPS ID Number (OAC)  Example: GAP123456
    2. Agency Name
    3. Agency Contact Person
    4. Agency Email Address and Phone Number

    We will respond to your email with your User ID and Password within five (5) business days of receiving the request.

    Note: Only one User ID and Password will be issued to each agency. If you have multiple GAPS OAC Numbers, and different people receive the results then that individual must request access using their assigned GAPS (OAC) Number and the information for the location they are working at.

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  • How do I obtain Eligibility Letters for my applicants?

    You will need the applicant’s GAPS Registration ID to search for their Eligibility letter in the CHRIS system. That number is fifteen (15) digits long. Example: GA1234567890.

    Note: DBHDD does not email, mail or fax eligibility letters. However, we will do so in situations when the CHRIS database is down for three (3) business days.

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  • Are there instructions on how to Access and Use the CHRIS system as a provider?

    Either of these lessons will walk you through the CHRIS system from how to request access to how to obtain your agency’s Eligibility letters:

    CHRIS Provider Functionality Demonstration lesson (with audio)
    CHRIS Provider Functionality Demonstration lesson (without audio)

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  • Are the Gemalto and CHRIS systems the same?


    Gemalto is the State Approved Vendor for Capturing, Processing, and Disseminating Fingerprints; which translates to Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) and is provided to the approved recipients.

    The Criminal History Record Information System (CHRIS) is DBHDD’s Internal database used to track Employee/Contractor Eligibility determinations and produce the required determination letters. No other information is stored in the CHRIS database.

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  • Can an applicant challenge the contents of the Criminal Background?

    Yes. An applicant can challenge the contents of their Criminal Background. They must make the request in writing to the DBHDD Criminal Records Section and state why they believe the information contained in the Criminal History is incorrect. Upon receipt of the request, the criminal records section staff will review the request and provide information to the applicant as to how to challenge the contents of the criminal history. Example of a challenge would be: An arrest showing a “Guilty” disposition, when the case was actually “Dismissed”.  (This is not an APPEAL of our Determination.)

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  • What does DBHDD consider when making an Eligibility Determination?

    DBHDD only considers Convictions or a Plea of Nolo Contendere for crimes that are described in DBHDD Contractor Background Policy 04-104.

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  • Can Eligibility letters be transferred to another agency?

    No. As required in your DBHDD Contract or Letter of Agreement, each agency must obtain a new set of fingerprints and Eligibility on an applicant they are going to employ.

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  • How do I retrieve my DBHDD CHRIS database User ID and Password if I have forgotten it or have been locked out of the system?

    If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password for the DBHDD CHRIS database or have your account has been Locked, please send an email to the DBHDD Criminal Records Section mailbox at dbhdd-crs@dbhdd.ga.gov. In your email, please provide your OAC/GAPS Number along with your Agency Name and Contact Person. We will research your request and provide the information to you or reset your account. We will send a response to the original email received indicating what actions have been taken or providing you with your access information. We cannot provide this information over the phone, so please send the request to the email address provided above.

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