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HR Policies are available at DBHDD PolicyStat.

Kronos Problem Form

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HR Forms

Acknowledgement of Provisions Governing Interdepartmental Transfer

Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Maintain Licensure, Certificate or Registration

Acknowledgement of Unclassified Position

Advanced Hire Request

Annual Competency Checklist

Certification of Hourly Pay

Certification of Shift Differential


Coaching Memo

Competitive Promotion Request Form

Competitive Promotion/Salary Adjustment Form

Consent for Release of Information

Critical Hire Form

Direct Bank Deposit

Direct Bank Deposit-Termination

Drug-Free Workplace Notice

Education Verification

Eligibility for Unit Assignment

Employee Information

Employment of Relatives

Federal Withholding Tax Form-W4


GCIC Awareness Statement

Hourly Timesheet

Initial Competency Checklist

Kronos Problem Form

Leave Card

Leave of Absence Without Pay

Mandatory Orientation

Overtime Report

Personnel Action

Physician's Statement

Position Action

Position Action (Internal)

Position Action-Hourly

Pre-Employment Drug Test

Pre Employment Waiver

Request for Approval to Fill Position (Hourly and Full-Time)

Request for Approval of Other Employment

Request for Disciplinary Action

Request For Leave

Request to Solicit Leave

Special Skills Information Sheet

Supplement Salary Form

Temporary Salary Supplement Request

Timesheet-Full-Time Electronic

Timesheet-Hourly Electronic

Voluntary Demotion w/o Loss Request

Workplace Acts or Threatened Acts of Violence Report