Careers at DBHDD

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) is the state agency that focuses solely on policies, programs, and services for people with severe persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

We have nearly 7,000 employees whose work is structured in three divisions by disability area: Mental Health, Develomental Disabilities, and Addictive Diseases.

DBHDD operates six field offices and five hospitals throughout the state of Georgia, offering various services based on the populations they serve and the capacity of community providers. These hospitals provide a spectrum of care from 23-hour observation through residential services.

Hospital locations include: Atlanta, Milledgeville, Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah.

At DBHDD, we are interested in recruiting employees who offer the highest level of skills, professional integrity, and work ethic to join us in that work. If you are interested in any jobs we have posted, we encourage you to apply for a position today and help us become one of the best health service organizations for Georgians. 

Featured Positions

Regional Hospital Administrator/CEO - Central State Hospital
Responsible for the direction of CSH and its community residential homes. This encompasses 24-7 responsibility for inpatient and residential treatment/services, management and administration of 750 direct care, programmatic, operational and support staff, operation/maintenance of the associated facilities and equipment, and budget development and administration.

Data Analyst
Identifies trends, discrepancies, and variances to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. May partner with other departments, divisions, outside agencies, and vendors to address business issues. 

Nurse Educator - Training & Development
Supervises, guides, and/or instructs the work assignments of subordinate staff. Responsible for assessing, planning and/or coordinating training sessions for an agency also performs end-to-end learning and development.

Adult Mental Health Psychiatrist - Savannah, GA
Lead a multidisciplinary team that provides inpatient stabilization  for those admitted to our hospitals and assist in integration back into the community once stabilized.


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