Workforce Development

Georgia School of Addiction Studies (

The Georgia School of Addictions Studies (Georgia School), partially sponsored by DBHDD’s Office of Prevention Services and Programs, is an annual conference that takes place towards the end of August, beginning of September and focuses on substance abuse prevention and treatment issues. This conference took the place of the former Southeastern School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, which was among the oldest existing regional training events of its kind.

The Georgia School offers a unique opportunity for professional development, information exchange, and networking. It is designed to address the need for knowledge and skill development through advanced training.

The purpose and objectives of the Georgia School are:

  • To foster and maintain the integrity of substance abuse related services by assisting in providing continuing training and educational programs for human service professionals whose duties include prevention, law enforcement, intervention, treatment, child welfare, victim’s services, probation, courts, education, and rehabilitation or related social services.
  • To encourage the exchange of professional knowledge through educational conferences and programs of continuing education.
  • To encourage, establish, and maintain high standards of professional education and training for all component groups of the human service community.
  • To involve federal, state, and local agencies/organizations in efforts to enhance the development of a comprehensive continuing educational program focusing on substance abuse prevention and treatment issues.


Prevention Training

DBHDD’s Office of Prevention Services and Programs (OPSP) is an advocate of capacity building, especially in the area of workforce development. We are firm believers in developing staff as well as providing the most up to date training opportunities for those providing prevention services and programs.

Not only do we partially sponsor and help facilitate the Georgia School of Addiction Studies, we also serve on the planning committees for the annual Summit on Substance Abuse, Mental Health and School Safety, the Georgia Summit to Prevent Underage Drinking, and the National Youth-at-Risk Conference.

OPSP also encourages staff and providers to take advantage of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s (CSAP) prevention pathways courses which are online. Topics include program evaluation, bullying prevention, environmental prevention strategies, and suicide prevention. (


Prevention Credentialing Consortium of Georgia (

The Prevention Credentialing Consortium of Georgia (PCCG) is a 501© (6) organization whose vision is that everyone working in the field of prevention in Georgia will become credentialed. It is the mission of PCCG, Inc. to establish and promote the credentialing standards of excellence in the field of prevention. PCCG works to advance prevention as a viable and effective professional and personal discipline to benefit Georgia communities and to promote the well-being of all people in Georgia.

The purpose of the credential in prevention is to:

  • Establish and recognize basic standards for professional competence in the prevention field and,
  • Establish and confirm the credibility of the prevention profession with consumers, employers and funders.