Supported Employment

The Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities contracts with providers to operate Supported Employment (SE) services in each region of the state. Currently, there are 22 Supported Employment provider throughout the state. SE is available to eligible individuals, who express a desire and have a goal for competitive employment in their Individual Recovery Plan (IRP); and who, due to the impact and severity of their mental illness have recently lost employment, or been underemployed or unemployed on a frequent or long term basis. Services include supports to access benefits counseling; identify vocational skills and interests; and develop and implement a job search plan to obtain competitive employment in an integrated community setting that is based on the individual’s strengths, preferences, abilities, and needs. 

Fidelity Reviews

FY2018 Supported Employment Fidelity Reviews

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Supported Employment Strategic Plan (2013)

Evidence-Based Supported Employment

Case Western Reserve University Center for Evidence-Based Practices

Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center