STR Opioid Grant Project

The Georgia Opioid State Targeted Response is a SAMHSA funded program that was awarded to Georgia’s DBHDD to addresses the opioid crisis. It is a one year grant  that uses prevention, treatment, and recovery initiatives to tackle the crisis. Prevention activities include the following:

  • A Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Opioid Pilot Project:  Community providers have been contracted to use the SPF model to impact identified high need communities in 4 regions within the state (Region 2 – Richmond County; Region 3 – Dekalb County; Region 6 – Coweta County; and Region 5 – Bryan County).  Each community provider will assess conditions and implement appropriate evidenced based strategies in those communities.

  • A Peer Assisted School Transition (PAST) Pilot:  OBHP is developing and piloting a brief education and peer assisted program for youth at key school transition periods. Working with schools in identified high needs communities to provide curricula training on substance abuse prevention with a focus on Opioids. The students are also paired with youth one grade above theirs to assist them through the transition from one school to the next. As students will be supported as they move from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school and high school to college.

  • Naloxone Training & Distribution Project:  The OBHP is working with Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (AHRC) to train and educate community members, including and opioid users and their families, across the state on the use and administration of Naloxone as a means to reverse an opioid overdose.  We are also conducting  trainings with Naloxone starter kits for first responders in high need areas across the state. 

  • Statewide Media Campaign:  OBHP is launching a statewide media campaign to educate and raise awareness  about

    • the  dangers, risks, and consequences associated with opioid misuse and abuse

    • the availability of resources

    • and the Medical Amnesty or “Good Samaritan” Law. 

The campaign is aimed at reducing stigma around seeking help, increasing knowledge and use of resources for getting help, and reducing overdoses with the knowledge and use of the “Good Samaritan” Law.

Good Samaritan Law PSA