DBHDD Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet
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2009 Georgia Suicide Data Summary
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2009 GVDRS Data Summary
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Suicide in Georgia 2005
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Suicide in Georgia 2000
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Georgia Suicide Prevention Plan
Funds were appropriated by the Governor and the Georgia General Assembly to address the need for a prevention plan to address the serious problem of suicide in Georgia. The Georgia Suicide Prevention Plan was completed in 2001, by the Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN) with input from stakeholders around the state.

Data Summary: Suicide in Georgia, 1999-2001
This summary report presents information on the number of deaths, who is at risk, age-adjusted rates by sex, age, race, and marital status, most common methods and age-adjusted rates by county. Selected goals of the Georgia Suicide Prevention Plan are highlighted.

Data Summary: Youth Suicide in Georgia, 1999-2001
This summary report highlights information on 15-19 year old high school age youth: number of deaths, age-adjusted rates by sex, age and race, most common methods for suicides and attempts, number of males and females who attempt suicide and are hospitalized, the hospital charges and the 2003 Georgia Student Health Profile Survey results on the prevalence of suicidal thoughts among 9th – 12th graders in Georgia public high schools.