Human Rights Council Membership

Human Rights Council Membership is comprised of community volunteers who have qualifications in one of the following nine categories:

A) Medical Professional (one of the following required)

  1. Physician

  2. Registered Nurse

B) Pharmacist (required)

C) Self Advocate (required)

D) Parent and/or Guardian (required)

E) Law Professional/Enforcement (one of the following required)

  1. Lawyer (relevant field to DD services)

  2. Law Offices

  3. Paralegal

F) Business Leader or Faith Community Leader

G) Educator active in the classroom and or administration

  1. School Teacher (relevant field to DD services)

  2. College Professor (relevant field to DD services)

H) Advocacy Professional

  1. Paid ARC staff member

  2. Paid DD advocacy organization staff member

I) Behavioral Analyst