Georgia Strategic Prevention System (GASPS)

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The GA-Strategic Prevention System (GASPS) Data Warehouse is an innovative response to Georgia’s need for evidence-driven, outcome-based substance abuse prevention.

The GASPS data warehouse is an online repository containing a wealth of information on substance abuse, its consequences, and related social indicators. The GASPS data warehouse is created using interactive and innovative data visualization software called Tableau Public, which is fully integrated with social media platforms, allows users to interact and customize their data experience, and creates visually stunning charts, graphs and maps that will update in real time on our providers’ websites. 

County-level data in the GASPS Data Warehouse includes:

Student health surveys
Substance abuse-related arrests
Traffic morbidity and mortality
Vital records information
Child wellness indicators
Substance abuse treatment admissions

The online site has been developed by the OBHP through a contract with the University of Georgia, Carl Vincent Institute.

GASPS Data Warehouse