Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Collaborative

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs (TCAD), a non-profit agency focused on the prevention of substance abuse, is leading the Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Collaborative (GADAPC). 

This statewide initiative focuses on four priority areas to prevent and reduce prescription drug abuse in Georgia. The four areas addressed are those that have been identified by the Office of National Drug Control Policy: education, monitoring, proper medication disposal, and enforcement. 

TCAD developed the Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Collaborative, composed of public and private sectors, to work collectively in Georgia to address the priority areas listed above. Collaborative members network with community and political leaders to raise awareness and provide education around Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. They monitor policy, law enforcement and legislative efforts around these issues and share that information with the collaborative members.

Four Priority Areas



Proper Medication Disposal


The Collaborative meets quarterly and has expanded to involve very influential and impactful members including: Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Department of Education - Safe & Drug Free Schools, Drug Enforcement Agency, Medical Association of Georgia, Medical Association of Georgia Foundation, Georgia Colleges and Universities, The Georgia Conservancy, Senator Buddy Carter, Representative Tom Weldon, Attorney General Sam Olens, and local Drug Free Community Coalitions.

The Collaborative contains four operating work groups (based on the priority areas) with strategic plans and detailed action steps. The outcomes of the Prescription Drug Collaborative are numerous and continue to grow.  The Advocacy group has been very successful in organizing priority areas and communicating those to decision makers around Georgia.