Georgia Apex Program

The Georgia Apex Program (Apex), funded by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), strives to build capacity and increase access to mental health services for school-aged youth, Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, throughout the state.

Apex recognizes schools as a natural environment for identification and intervention, and aims to reduce the number of youth with unmet mental health needs.

The program promotes collaboration between community mental health providers and schools to provide school-based services and supports, including training for school staff, in hopes of facilitating the right care at the right time for children, young adults, and families.

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Apex Providers by Region

DBHDD Regions Map

Region 1 (Blue)

  1. Avita Community Partners (3)
  2. Cobb CSB (4)
  3. Georgia Hope (Bartow, Catoosa, Floyd, Gordon, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Rome City, Walker, Whitfield)
  4. Haralson Board of Health (Haralson)
  5. Highland Rivers Health (2)
  6. Lookout Mountain Community Services (1)

Region 2 (Green)

  1. Advantage Behavioral Health Systems (10)
  2. CSB of Middle Georgia (14)
  3. Oconee Center CSB (13)
  4. River Edge Behavioral Health Center (12)
  5. Serenity Behavioral Health System (11)

Region 3 (Orange)

  1. CHRIS 180 (Atlanta Public Schools; Fulton County Schools)
  2. Clayton Center CSB (7)
  3. DeKalb CSB (8)
  4. Fulton County DBHDD (Fulton County Schools)
  5. Odyssey Family Counseling Center (Fulton County Schools)
  6. View Point Health (9)

Region 4 (Pink)

  1. Aspire BHDD Services (20)
  2. Georgia Pines CSB (21)
  3. Legacy Behavioral Health Services (22)
  4. Vashti Center (Colquitt)

Region 5 (Violet)

  1. CSB of Middle Georgia (23)
  2. Gateway Behavioral Health Services (26)
  3. Pineland BHDD (21)
  4. Unison Behavioral Health (25)

Region 6 (Yellow)

  1. McIntosh Trail CSB (16)
  2. Middle Flint Behavioral Healthcare (18; 19)
  3. New Horizons Behavioral Health (17)
  4. Pathways CSB (15)
  5. Willowbrooke at Tanner (Carroll, Heard, Troupe)