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Office of Children, Young Adults and Families (CYF)

Director: Linda Henderson-Smith, Ph.D

The Office of Children, Young Adults and Families (CYF) offers children, young adults and their families a range of treatment and support services to address emotional and behavioral problems. Early treatment of these problems is critical to help a child complete school and develop fundamental developmental skills. 

The Office of Children, Young Adults and Families is formerly known as the Office of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Because of a changing population and incidents happening in the United States recently, DBHDD believes it is necessary to have a specific office responsible for providing training, technical assistance, supports and guidance regarding young adults. Over the last 5 years, the department has used a grant from the Emerging Adults Initiative to study mental health for young adults. Grant funding will continue support this population in the new office.

The Office of CYF offers a variety of services to youth and their families. All services can be accessed through the Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) by calling (800) 715-4225 or visiting

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