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Office of Children, Young Adults and Families (CYF)

Director: Matt Yancey


Call for presentations in preparation for the 2015 Georgia System of Care Academy

The Office of Children, Young Adults and Families (CYF) offers children, young adults and their families a range of treatment and support services to address emotional and behavioral problems. Early treatment of these problems is critical to help a child complete school and develop fundamental developmental skills. 

The Office of Children, Young Adults and Families is formerly known as the Office of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Because of a changing population and incidents happening in the United States recently, DBHDD believes it is necessary to have a specific office responsible for providing training, technical assistance, supports and guidance regarding young adults. Over the last 5 years, the department has used a grant from the Emerging Adults Initiative to study mental health for young adults. Grant funding will continue support this population in the new office.

The Office of CYF offers a variety of services to youth and their families. All services can be accessed through the Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) by calling (800) 715-4225 or visiting

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