Substance Abuse Prevention


2016 Annual Synar Report & 2016 Annual Synar Report - SSES Results

Department Of Education’s Alcohol & Drug Ed/Substance Abuse Prevention Related Information

Prevention Activities

Drug-Free Community Coalitions (DFCC) and Contact Info

This Act is a catalyst for increased citizen participation in efforts to reduce substance use among youth, and it provides community anti-drug coalitions with much-needed funds to carry out their important missions.

Exemplary Substance Abuse Program Awards for Innovation

This program honors outstanding achievements in substance abuse prevention and is designed to seek out programs that demonstrate results in areas such as individual child factors related to biology, behavior, personality, and family or environmental factors.

Helpline Georgia

This toll-free line provides confidential, round the clock, crisis intervention, information and referral.

Check It

Synar Tobacco Prevention

We are launching the "Check-It" campaign. Here's our happy "Check-It" character. Take a look at our 30 second ad, and remember, it's important for retail sales personnel to always check the IDs for anyone they suspect is under 18 years old. That's because it's illegal to sell cigarettes or tobacco-related objects to a minor.

Risk Factors increase the likelihood of substance use disorders:

  • Individual: rebelliousness and beginning drug use early
  • Family: poor family management and parental attitudes favorable to drug use
  • School: academic failure and low commitment to school
  • Community: low neighborhood attachment and high community disorganization

Protective Factors buffer youth against exposure to risk:

  • Individual: social skills and belief in the moral order
  • Family: attachment and opportunities for prosocial involvement
  • School and Community: opportunities for and rewards for prosocial involvement