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Adult Services

DBHDD contracts with providers in all six regions to provide outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment to men and women who are struggling with the disease of addiction. 

To locate a community mental health service near you, visit or call the Georgia Crisis Access Line at (800) 715-4225. For questions or additional help accessing services, please contact your Regional Office.

Core Services

  • Community Support Individual (community-based)
  • Crisis Intervention (telephone or mobile) 
  • Diagnostic Assessment (clinic-based)
  • Individual/Group/Family Counseling (clinic-based)
  • Medication Administration (clinic-based)
  • Nursing Assessment (clinic-based)
  • Physician Assessment (clinic-based)

Specialty Services 

  • Ambulatory Substance Abuse Detoxification
  • Crisis Stabilization Program (medically monitored residential)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Housing Supplements
  • Opioid Maintenance Treatment
  • Peer Support Services
  • Residential Substance Detoxification
  • Residential Supports
  • Substance Abuse Day Treatment
  • Supported Employment
  • Transitional Housing (CSU step-down)