Human Rights Council


Statewide Human Rights Council Vacancy

The State Human Rights Council (SHRC) is seeking to fill a vacancy under the category of medical professional. The position should be filled by a physician interested in education involving individual medical needs and making recommendations based on those needs.

The SHRC meets quarterly via conference call with the exception of one face-to-face meeting during the year. This meeting varies in location.


Regional Human Rights Council Vacancies

The Regional Human Rights Councils (RHRC) are seeking to fill vacancies in nine categories across DBHDD’s six regions: self-advocate, parent advocate, medical professional, law professional/law enforcement, pharmacy, business/faith/community leadership, education, behavioral analysis and advocacy professional. These categories are to represent the community at-large.  

The SHRC and the RHRC draw from an array of backgrounds to represent diverse and well-balanced skill sets, expertise, geographic locations, race, gender and age.

Authorized by DBHDD Human Rights Council for Developmental Disability Services, 02-1101, the Human Rights Council is an advisory review body formed to ensure the protection of health and human rights of persons with developmental disabilities.

The Council reviews allegations of suspected individual rights violations; individual support plans in which individuals have been prescribed five or more psychotropic drugs; and all requests for participation of individuals receiving DD services in experimental research to ensure adherence to the practices of DBHDD.

Council bodies will exist in each of DBHDD’s six regions with seven to nine people in each. Meetings are convened on a quarterly basis for each of these councils. Membership is comprised of community volunteers who have qualifications in one of nine categories.

DD Human Rights Council Referrals

How To Submit a Referral:
To submit a DD related human rights compliant, violation or concern to the Human Rights Council (HRC), please complete the DD Human Rights External Referral form. This information will help our efforts to determine whether the human rights of an individual receiving developmental disability services are protected. The information you provide will be kept in strict confidence.

Individuals have the right to confidentiality of their clinical records and treatment information.
If you are a client, guardian, parent or court-ordered legal custodian, you may authorize us to access records and treatment information by completing and signing the Authorization for Release of Information form found in the attachments section of HIPAA and Confidentiality - All Policies, 23-000.

Who Can Submit a Referral:


  • People receiving services
  • Family members
  • Legal representatives
  • Concerned private citizens


  • Provider Human Rights Subcommittee
  • Support Coordinators
  • Psychologists
  • Provider Organization

Division Review Authorities

  • Behavior Program Review Committee (BPRC)
  • Delmarva Foundation staff
  • Medicaid staff
  • Division staff