Follow the steps outlined below regarding the process to become an approved DBHDD provider for either Behavioral Health (BH) Services or Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) Services. 

The DBHDD Provider Enrollment Process is guided by specific DBHDD policies. You may view the appropriate policies below: 

Recruitment and Application to Become a Provider of Developmental Disability Services, 02-701
Recruitment and Application to become a Provider of Behavioral Health Services, 01-111
Financial and Reporting Requirements for Community Providers, 21-101

You are encouraged to review the applicable Provider Manuals for Community Providers, located on the DBHDD website:   These manuals will provide you with the definition of services and the associated standards.

As an interested I/DD provider, you will find it helpful to review the Medicaid Provider Manuals for both the Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) and the New Options Waiver (NOW) Program.  This information is located on the Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) website at:

Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) & New Options Waiver Program (NOW) – General Manual – Part II, General Chapter 600 - 1200
Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP)- Part III, Chapters 1300-3600
New Options Waiver Program (NOW) – Part III

As an interested BH provider, you will find it helpful to review the Medicaid Provider Manual for Behavioral Health Services on the GAMMIS website at the following link:  

Community Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services


Thank you for your interest in becoming a provider for DBHDD!

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    Phase 1

    1. You must register and attend a New Provider Enrollment Forum, presented by the Georgia Collaborative ASO. Click the following link for available dates and to register for the event:
    2. You will submit either the I/DD or BH Agency Provider Letter of Intent (LOI) or I/DD Individual Provider LOI during the applicable open enrollment period. You may access this form here:
    3. Once the LOI has been approved, you will receive an invitation to apply. 
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    Phase 2

    1. Complete and submit the applicable DBHDD New Provider Application, located at the following link:
    2. If required, when the DBHDD application review has been completed , a site visit will be conducted by the appropriate Regional Field Office.
    3. Once the DBHDD application, and if applicable, the site visit is approved, you will be notified to complete the online application for the Department of Community Health (DCH).
    4. If the DCH application is denied, you are notified by DCH and advised of the next steps. Per DCH policy you must wait one (1) year before submitting another application. Interested applicants must begin the process again at Phase 1, step 1 in a subsequent enrollment period at least one (1) year after the denial decision.
    5. If the DCH application is approved, DBHDD will notify you via an email communication of your approval as either a BH or I/DD Provider. This email will contain information regarding New Provider Orientation.