The following records are available from Central State Hospital:

Client Information - 1842 to Present

Limited information available: 

  • At a minimum – confirmation of client’s hospitalization - date of admission and date of discharge. 
  • Information 75 years or older does not require authorization or court order.  
  • Information less than 75 years old requires client/guardian authorization or court order.

If court order is needed, contact:

Probate Court Information
Probate Court
Baldwin County Courthouse
121 N. Wilkinson Street, Suite 109
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
(478) 445-4807

Note for court order: Probate Court requires a $65.00 application fee for this service. There is a additional fee of $10.00 for a certified copy of any death certificate.

Central State Hospital – Release of Information Contact Information

Shorne Robinson, Office Manager


Burial Records

These records confirm whether or not a patient was buried on the grounds of the hospital and are available from 1880 to the present. Central State Hospital's cemeteries are the focus of a national Mental Health Consumer's restoration movement and have been placed on the National Register since 2005. Unfortunately, it is difficult and often impossible at this time to determine the specific location of many of the older burials. Inquiries regarding the above records should be directed to:

Shorne Robinson, Office Manager


But For The Grace of God 

The publication But For The Grace of God covers the history of Central State Hospital from 1842 - 1950.  The publication is available for a $10 contribution.  Send an e-mail to the contact below for more information including how to have the publication shipped to you for a modest fee.

Shorne Robinson, Office Manager