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ECRH Employee of the Quarter 
All clinical services and support services areas can select an employee who meets the following criteria found on the Employee of the Quarter nomination form:

  • One who has made an outstanding or unusual achievement in the performance of assigned duties; or
  • One who has consistently provided exceptional service; or
  • One who clearly and demonstrably was effective in saving the life or preventing serious injury to an individual or co-worker; or
  • One who risked his/her own safety to protect or save state property from natural or unnatural disaster.

EOQ Nomination Form

ECRH "Noticed by the Gnome"
This program is designed to single out individuals who are doing a great job, have a positive attitude, jump in to assist, and/or are just an overall great person to be around.  Employees are nominated using the Noticed by the Gnome nomination form.

Gnome Nomination Form


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DBHDD policies are available at https://gadbhdd.policystat.com.

East Central Regional Hospital policies and manuals are available on the J drive.


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