Community Integration Homes




Services Provided
  1. Offers 24 hour/7 day a week monitoring 
  2. Allows choice and flexibility for individuals served
  3. Promotes the development of employment and educational skills and enable them to live independent
  4. Coordinates all mental health and substance use disorder treatment and/or support needs with other health and/or recovery services
Criteria For Admission
  1. Has a plan outlining appropriate daytime activities outside the CIH, including a day program, scholastic activities, and a work training program, steady volunteer work or income-earning employment.
  2. Is Low risk for AWOL 
  3. Is Low risk for VIOLENCE
  4. Demonstrates willingness to comply with his/her Conditional Release Plan (NGRIs) or conditions of bond (ISTs).
  5. Demonstrates willingness to comply with the rules of the CIH (e.g. chores, sharing & loaning, diet orders & restrictions as ordered by the physician, medication compliance, etc.)
  6. Capable of fully independent self-administration of medication
  7. Able to perform independently blood sugar reading using his/her diabetic monitoring machine
  8. Is able to complete household chores (e.g. vacuuming, cooking with staff oversight, cleaning bathroom, assisting with outdoor tasks, etc.) to ensure required sanitary conditions. 
  9. Does not require assistance with ambulating. 
  10. Active symptoms do not preclude them from participating in social events (movies, park, fairs, restaurants, etc.)
Referral Key Points
  1. Anticipated length of stay between 1-1.5 years.
  2. Does the applicant have a Court Order for discharge?
  3. Does the applicant have a Court Order for overnight visits?
  4. Registered Sex Offender?
Supporting Documentation for Referral
  1. Referral/Admission Form
  2. Forensic Director Signature
  3. Within 365 days:
  4. Psychiatric, Psychological, Nursing, SW Assessments
  5. History and Physical/Meds
  6. Dietary Consult
  7. Risk Assessment/CR or COB Plan
  8. Signed Court Order for Visits
  9. Social Security contacted & Protective Filing Date established
  10. Community provider and Hospital staff to coordinate appropriate community services prior to court order request