Accessing Services

What types of services does DBHDD have for individuals with developmental disabilities?

Georgia offers a variety of services to people with developmental disabilities who are eligible for services. Some services are available through state dollars only, while others are available through Medicaid wavier dollars only. Your specific needs will determine which services are most appropriate for you. AVAILABLE SERVICES

How do I find out if I am eligible?

To find out if you are eligible for developmental disabilities services, you must submit an application (instructions included), supporting documentation of a developmental disability and mail it to your local Intake and Evaluation office.

The Intake and Evaluation office will contact you within 14 days of receipt of your application to make arrangements to conduct a screening in order to make a preliminary eligibility determination. Once the determination is made, a letter will be sent to you notifying of your eligibility status.

What if I don’t have a developmental disability but need information about mental health or addictive disease services?

To find about other services Georgia offers in the area of mental health or addictive disease, please visit