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Behavioral Health Core Provider Redesign Initiative

DBHDD is pleased to announce the launch of the Behavioral Health Core Provider Redesign Initiative. The initiative, which is designed to improve access, quality, efficiencies, and fiscal accountability within the community behavioral health provider network, began readiness and implementation activities May 12, 2014 and will continue to transpire over the course of the FY15 fiscal year. We look forward to interacting with providers through a series of information sharing events and other forms of communication in the near future. Please continue to check our website for future meeting notices, events, and updated information related to this initiative.

Please contact with any questions.

Policies for community behavioral health provider network


Transforming Community Care presentation for Tier 2 and 3 behavioral health providers

DBHDD Division of Mental Health is pleased to host a two-day TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE EVENT FOR TIERS 2 & 3 CONTRACTED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PROVIDERS on August 7 & 8, 2014 in Macon, GA.

This 2-day technical assistance event is offered for individuals in Leadership Roles/Positions from Tier 2 & Tier 3 entities (does not include CSBs) to support quality improvement and performance. The event will be limited to no more than five (5) individuals from each provider organization. The maximum registration capacity is set at 100; however, a second event will be held on November 17 - 18, 2014 in Macon for those who are not able to attend the August event.

Visit for details about the training and how to register.

Key Components now in effect 

  1. Tiered provider system: Providers formerly known as "core providers" are now categorized in the following way:
        a. Tier 1: Comprehensive community providers (CCP)
        b. Tier 2: Community Medicaid providers (CMP)
        c. Tier 3: Specialty providers
  2. Tier 1 providers will adopt CCP Provider Standards and begin work towards a change in practice, where applicable, in order to achieve compliance with the standards.
  3. Tier 1 providers will develop internal processes to track, monitor and communicate data related to the key performance indicators for the CCP Provider Standards.
  4. DBHDD will begin conversion of the CCP Provider Standards and Key Performance Indicators to Policy Stat.
  5. Tier 1 providers will participate in learning collaboratives facilitated by MTM Consulting that are designed to provide technical assistance to help CCPs comply with the CCP Provider Standards.
  6. Information sessions for providers will be held throughout the month of July, primarily targeting non-community service board organizations. Please register below.